RR03 box 11406 Anasco Puerto Rico 00610. Carr 109 Km 6.3 interior.

Is the first thing that comes to mind when I am asked to talk about myself? I am not very good at talking about myself; I am good at talking about where I come from. For the past eleven years my life has been objectively following the doctrines of opposite cultural identities. This work changes every year, with every visit home I search for a new direction. But the thing is it follows my family, the ever-evolving complexities of living in a colony a territory the island of Puerto Rico. It changes with hierarchy in relationships and their individual intimacy, with age, perspective and distance.

Remedio Casero translates to home remedy, there’s no other way to treat or see this work, weaving personal history and geography with current experiences. Attempting to bridge the cultural gap with the use of repetition, environmental landscapes. It elaborates on the emotions of anyone bridging two cultures. The blurred lines of a social-cultural relationship, the struggles that have faced generations and that remain projected on the daily. It is a difficult task to display two cultures, we have a history of constructed identities by both cultures. This is not only a display of deep intimacy but also a critique of our own politics. 

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