Explaining power to a 5yr old, consisting of a letter written to my nephew with the intention of explaining political negligence and its repetition in historical context towards the people of the Island of Puerto Rico.

This performance is a gesture of connection with my nephew, I narrate strains of intergenerational trauma, ideas of colonialism with the perspective of the other, and the expectations of survival while existing under systematic constraints. This letter was written during my time at the ACRE residency as I experienced another wave of distant oppression through the careless actions of our own government and our need to uprise against these systems once more. While narrating the letter, tiles that have been made with dirt from Puerto Rico are destroyed by throwing them on the floor, stepping, and dragging the dirt with my bare feet. This allows for the dirt to take over more space and expand what is the land of Puerto Rico, specifically my hometown of Añasco. While I am part of the Diaspora, my family is not. And in our collaborations, we explore the dualities of such complexities under the Latinx Identity.

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