From somewhere between la diaspora and Puerto Rico.

Jezabeth Roca-Gonzalez was born in 1988.
185 million years after the formation of the Island that would be called Borinquén.
477 years after Taínos drowned Spanish conquistador Diego Salcedo in the Río Grande de Añasco and kept watch of his body for three days awaiting his resurrection, to no success.
120 years after Mariana Brecetti designed the Puerto Rican Revolutionary flag and fought in El Grito de Lares to gain independence from Spain.
71 years after the Jones Act of 1917 was passed by the United States congress, effectively making Puerto Rico a US territory (aka colony.)
Jezabeth was 2 years old when Édouard Glissant published his book ​Poetics of Relation​.
18 years old when Guillermo Del Toro’s ​El laberinto del fauno was released​.
And 30 years old when Bad Bunny released his debut album X100PRE (​por siempre.)

Jezabeth is a multidisciplinary maker who uses Video, Performance, Photography, Land, and Live Plants through Installation. Highly influenced by their hometown of Añasco Puerto Rico known as "La cuna de la Puertorriqueñidad" (the birth of puertoricaness) and the town "Donde murieron los Dioses" (where the gods died) Jezabeth focuses on re-examinations of Puerto Rico's ongoing colonial status with the United States through family, personal migration and attachment to Añasco.
The works pair the multiplicity of lands and the dualities of daily living through a migratory perspective.

If you want to know me intimately, I listen to Reggaeton every day and I like arroz con dulce. 

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